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Team Hybrid - Lucky Strike @ The Block/Orange

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Event InfoHost: Team Hybrid & Lucky Strike
Type: Party - Club Party
Location: The Block @ Orange
Street: 20 City Blvd. West, Bldg. G, Ste. 2
City/Town: Orange, CA
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This opportunity is only offered to us every Sunday for the month of February and will end with the March SoCal Team meeting on March 1st @ 8pm in our own VIP Room and Lanes after the meeting.

It is a 21+ over event from 8pm-2am. $1 bowling and shoes rentals all night. $2 Beer, $4 Import, $2.50 Well and 1/2 price all appetizers every Sunday in February. Bowling, Dancing, Drinking, Girls and Hybridz. What more can you ask for on a Sunday night? On top of all this, bowl a 200 and win a certificate for 1 HR free bowling with 4 friends.

No Cover from 8pm-2am!

Remember, March 1st, Sunday, our March SoCal Team Meeting will be held there from 8-9pm then 9pm-2am bowling, drinking and dancing.

Orange at the Block!

The 40ft bar!:

Private Room:

Private Room:
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February 15, Sunday Attendees (This could be a big party night so stayed tuned since Monday is President's Day Holiday):

1. l7h8626 - Kevin

February 22, Sunday Attendees:

1. l7h8626 - Kevin

March 1, Sunday (Team Hybrid SoCal March Meeting 8-9pm w/ Hybrid VIP Room, 9-2am Hybrid VIP Bowling Lanes) Attendees:

1. l7h8626 - Kevin

This invites everyone who wants to come by and have fun. I went to the place yesterday to check out the environment, the dj was cool, drinks was great, the atomesphere was great, food menu looks great with 50% off. I hope the more you come the better. This place has a bar, 24 bowling lanes, and maybe 5-6 pool tables, 2 smoking patios.

If anyone wants to come, just add your name on the list, it's just for head counts for me.

1. for those under 21, :( I can't help you here, sorry.
2. for those wondering what the heck is Team Hybrid, please visit the website @

Thank you
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You gonna be at the party at the highalnds? haha
I will be there. but might leave a bit early around 1 am.

anyone else wanna go to this? good hang out or just meet people. if more peeps i kno go i will go haha
I should be there all the sundays.

damnit. it sucks to be 18 sometimes =/
:( =/

looks fun only if i live in socal...
yes, so cal ftw!!! there are many locations in other states tho, but dont know the promotions are the same or no.
tomorrow is the last day of event! cant beat the price $1 game $1 shoes $2 domestic beer
ill be driving my car there :D
i went last sunday 3/1, and guess what, jeri lee was there... at first i thought this girl brought 2 bowling balls her own lol j/k she was tiny and cute in person :D
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