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I got this idea from S2Ki. How about many of the local guys get together and work on our cars for the day? Installing intakes, brake jobs, fluid flushes, suspension, exhausts, whatever really.

Somebody would have to host it at their place. I would but I do not have the space to nor do I have all the tools that would probably be needed.

We could get the grill going, have a couple beers, and get some work done on our cars that we may have been procrastinating.

Thoughts? I've been really lazy to install my suspension. lol

I have a DA buffer that I could bring if people want to polish their head lights. I also have some clay if people want to clay bar their car.

can you buff my headslights bro? LOL. i need it soo bad!

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I drove to Lynwood 2 weeks ago, Tacoma last week, and Vancouver (BC) over the weekend. It is not a short drive, for sure. But it is a relatively nice one.

You went to revscene!? Damn, should have finally met you in person lol
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