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Tein Basics | DSA64-LUSS2 | CL9 ('04-08 TSX)

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So I upgraded my suspension, thus these Tein Basics are for sale. Here’s the info:
  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Model: DSA64-LUSS2 (i.e. Tein Basics for CL9 (i.e. '04-08 TSX)
  • Miles used: ~28,000 miles (Bought used with approximately 5K miles from the previous owner. I put on approximately 23K miles)
  • Overall condition: Overall, suspension is in good condition. Threads clean up nicely. Spring seat collars spin freely. Spring seat collar teeth intact and function properly. No shocks are blown (to my knowledge) or require rebuilding, as the ride was fairly comfortable for a lowered car. Height setting was set at recommended height per Tein or slightly lower; never maxed out to lowest height setting. Top hats, rubbers spring isolators and associated components also in good condition. Paint chipping and slight bubbling on the shock bodies, which is typical; DOES NOT AFFECT FUNCTIONALITY. There are no missing parts.
    [*]Driving Style: Driving style was ALL “daily driven”, mostly highway and some city; zero track or occassional track/spirited runs.
    [*]OEM TOP HATS INCLUDED (Identical to the 1st Gen TSX OEM top hats; see link:” Honda Genuine Upper Mount Hat Kit, 04-08 CL9 Acura TSX).
    [*]Sale includes:

    [*]Shock Absorber × 4
    [*]Bump Rubber × 4
    [*]Main Spring × 4
    [*]Hook Spanner × 2 (i.e. wrenches)
    [*]Dust Cover × 4
    [*]Seat Lock × 8
    [*]Spring Seat × 2
    [*]Sticker Sheet × 1 (Yes, this will be included :))
    [*]Will also include fender washers for install on CM chassis :) (See below). The fender washers can be bought from you local hardware store/supplier e.g. Home Depot, Lowes, etc.​
    I am definitely not the first to do this, but I have installed Tein Basic coilovers from a 1st gen TSX (CL9) on my 7th gen sedan. Currently the coilovers have been installed for approximately ~28,000 miles, AND NO PROBLEMS..... YET ;).

    As for the install, it's quite easy; same as installing any other coilover or shock/spring combo on our cars. For all four (4) coilover shocks/spring assemblies (i.e. two (2) front, two (2) rear), you reuse your stock/OEM top hats. The only difference is that the rear shock assembly requires a couple of FENDER WASHERS at the lower knuckle i.e. the rear shock for the TSX has a smaller knuckle than the mounting fork on the Accord. Note, fender washers are those thin, flat washers. Pretty sure the inner diameter hole should be 12mm wide.

    Think of it this way: The Neuspeed Supercup kit is designed for both the 7th gen Acoord AND the 1st gen TSX. Same Koni SP3 shocks and Neuspeed Sport/Race springs.... and the Koni's are sized for the TSX rear mounting fork and are supplied with washers (from KONI) to accommodate the Accord rear mounting fork :).... I HOPE THIS HELPS Y'ALL!! :)
    [*]MISCELLANEOUS: Note that the suspension will include all hardware for full assembly. I disassembled the suspension for cleaning, so it is highly recommended that the buyer check all bolts, collars, etc. prior to installation. Installation should not require a spring compressor to remove the OEM top hats from the OEM suspension currently on your vehicle, as a spare set of top hats are included.
    [*]SHIPPING: PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM LOCATED IN HAWAII, SO SHIPPING IS A MUST (unless you are local… :D). From my experience of shipping suspension to and from the continental US (both east and west coasts), USPS Parcel Post is the most inexpensive and is quite reliable. Shipping does take longer than other carriers (usually two (2) weeks or so) and if packaged SECURELY, with delivery confirmation and insurance, shipping through USPS should not pose any issues. I already sourced a box for shipping. A quick shipping quote via USPS Parcel Post was valued at approximately $60-$65 to the Continental US East Coast, including delivery confirmation & $500 worth of insurance. Please note that I just received my AMR suspension via USPS Parcel Post with zero issues :)
    [*]PICTURES: See Below

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Ship To PR ??? 00667 USPS let me know asap to send u reasonable offer
Ship To PR ??? 00667 USPS let me know asap to send u reasonable offer
YGPM :thumbsup:
ship to canada?
ship to canada?
Sure, but buyer would need to cover the shipping cost and associated fees. Please PM your mailing address and I'll see if I can find a decent shipping method.
Good guy here!!
:woot: :wavey: Hi Lewis!
Tein coil overs

V6performance forever!!!
how much sshipped to 77406? please
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