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Tekn0mage's Quick Review of Hondata for M/T TSX

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Just wanted to let you guys know... the TSX reflash is by far one of the best mods you can possibly do. If you are curious in ANY way: JUST DO IT.

Beware however: Your car will be faster, meaner and pull harder than you were previously used to. Your girlfriend/spouse may not like that.

The biggest gain has to be between 3-6k rpm's. This is all useable for every day driving. When you step on your gas, you're going to feel the extra pull, no doubt about it. While Hondata is tuned for an Intake and Headers, you can certainly have the mod without. I have no aftermarket header, but am still enjoying the benefits of Hondata.

Bang for buck, Hondata is the BEST performance mod.

See my dyno:

Blue line: Hondata + Comptech Exhaust
Red line: Hondata + Injen CAI + Comptech Exhaust

Car: 2005 TSX 6MT - 1,980 miles

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no shit man.....gas is so $$ right now.....

It will DEFINITY use more know why?...with prob wanna rev it higher to hear the sounds....or feel the power...hence more gas
I know man.....I just caught it drop to 95.9 in canada.......don't know how to convertto

But really, it's not that much of a diff~'s actually STILL more expensive than US~
haha.......mine was $60 $30 sth US?...or 40???

and that was during the CHEAP price~
hey buddy......I am only 17~
true true true.......dat's what I mean

when you have CAI and WOULD wanna drive harder,.....always above 3500 rpm?? HAHHAHAHAHHA! :laugh:
can't they check that you did it tho?? when you bring ur vehicle in?
1 - 8 of 36 Posts
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