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Tekn0mage's Quick Review of Hondata for M/T TSX

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Just wanted to let you guys know... the TSX reflash is by far one of the best mods you can possibly do. If you are curious in ANY way: JUST DO IT.

Beware however: Your car will be faster, meaner and pull harder than you were previously used to. Your girlfriend/spouse may not like that.

The biggest gain has to be between 3-6k rpm's. This is all useable for every day driving. When you step on your gas, you're going to feel the extra pull, no doubt about it. While Hondata is tuned for an Intake and Headers, you can certainly have the mod without. I have no aftermarket header, but am still enjoying the benefits of Hondata.

Bang for buck, Hondata is the BEST performance mod.

See my dyno:

Blue line: Hondata + Comptech Exhaust
Red line: Hondata + Injen CAI + Comptech Exhaust

Car: 2005 TSX 6MT - 1,980 miles

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damn, would u still get the 3k-6k difference in rpm with a 5AT?

also, with the hondata, would ur car use A LOT more gas??? thats a huge ass issue man, the freakin gas in NY is 2.5 now
ah fuk, thats not kool... damn car has to use 91+ fuel only too...
95.9 sounds of alot of whatever ur trying to say haha
FUK.... 32 bux for almost full tank.. like 14.something gallons
damn man.... owning a TSX is so much money, the fresh parts r really expensive, and im only 19 !!!!
thats wat hes tryin to say, u use more gas... yea. Benz... we youngin it lol
if i had hondata... i would be redline most of my shyt... especially i jes got back from a formula D drift race.... oh man i wish the tsx was rwd lol

is hondata 'legal' with honda/acura.... as for the warrenty?...would it void it?
amadeus303 said:
This is true in theory, but in practice, it's pretty difficult to get by on... One of my good friends tried to invoke this act when he had some transmission issues, and brought it to the dealer under warranty. He had a CAI installed on his ride, and while most of us know that the CAI couldn't be the cause of a faulty transmission, the dealership didn't care. They wouldn't fix the car under warranty, and when he tried to contact the manufacturer, all he got was a runaround. Now... if he ever pursued this matter legally (which he didn't), he would probably win. However, in the meantime, he would have to fix his car and pay out of pocket... and then file a claim with the manufacturer for reimbursement. If they refused (which they probably would), he could then take legal action to recover the expenses. Of course, that will cost him legal fees and such, in addition to proving that the modification did not cause the damage/failure... so in the end, the net result would likely be nill. If you have any serious concerns about the effects of a mod on your warranty, I suggest you don't do it. You *could* bring your car back to stock before bringing it in for a repair/service under warranty, but I won't get into the "moral" issues of that! :donno:

As for me, the issue of the warranty doesn't concern me greatly... I keep my modding on the light side... and while I'm a spirited driver, I don't run my car into the ground.
damn man thats rough, yes when i went to get an oil change, i asked the dealership what kinda mods they tolerate with voiding warrenty, they gave me a dirty look sayin, "anything not american honda will void" so i asked a more professional dude at the parts detartment, he game me the same garbage with...if the part doesnt effect the faulty on the car, then ur good, but still im concerned with what the other fruit said
hmm i thought ur from NY, u go all the way to PA to the dealer?
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