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temporary motor? just swap longblock?

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so basically my o4 6spd tsx is MIA due to code p0341, now i have been looking for another motor but can't find any k24a2 motors in my area, but there are a lot of accord/element/cr-v motors for sale locally. so my question... is it worth the work to swap one of those motors in car just to get it running, while i rebuild the original motor? just swap long blocks and use my im,headers,wire harness? time is more of a factor than money right now. thank you

p.s. or if someone in the mini soda area can help me find a running k24a2 motor for sale, i'd deeply appreciate it ;)
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I highly highly doubt it's faster to take out the motor to swap the chain and tensioner.

If it runs a bit then bogs out, it's likely only off a tooth or two at most. In which case, a new chain and tensioner and getting the timing right is by far your fastest and easiest and cheapest way to get things back running 100%.

My wife's Odyssey had the timing belt idler pulley bolt snap - idler pulley basically fell off, leaving hella slack in the belt. The belt was off 2 teeth and driven about 10 miles like this (father-in-law was driving, FML). It was fine - no piston-to-valve contact. And, it's listed as an Interference engine.

IMO, you should be OK with swapping chain and tensioner. If time is an issue, think of it this way: You are FAR LESS LIKELY to run into stubborn bolts, the need for special tools, and the need for a hoist and a warm garage for at least 2-3 days...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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