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Tennessee (Chattanooga) Warranty Issues

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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section but I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow TSX owners in the southeast region who may have experienced a similar issue with a warranty claim.

I purchased a 2012 TSX last June and about a month ago I started having issues with the clutch. The car only has roughly 10,000 miles, so I assumed there was no way the clutch could already be worn out. However, I took it to the local dealership in Chattanooga and to my surprise the clutch was toast.

Now I know many people may assume it was driver error, but I assure you I have been driving manual cars my entire life. I learned how to drive on a manual and I absolutely babied this car. I realize the clutch is a "wear and tear" item and isn't normally covered, however in this situation I was sure Acura would stand behind their product and fix the car under warranty. However, the district service rep denied the warranty claim and cited driver error as being the cause of the clutch failure.

I immediately contacted Acura Client Relations hoping I could speak to someone to get this issue resolved but not only were they extremely rude, they weren't willing to budge on their decision. So I took the logical next step to resolve this issue, and hired a lawyer to contact them hoping this would motivate Acura to stand behind their product. However, not only did they completely ignore the letter my lawyer sent, they never contacted me to let me know what was going on nor did they respond to my lawyers letter. I was completely appalled at such terrible customer service and was beyond furious.

At this point my car had been in the shop for 3 weeks and I needed it back. So, my lawyer advised me to fix the car and decided it would be necessary to take legal action against Acura to recover the cost of the repairs.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar situation and if they were able to resolve it without all this hassle. I would never have expected such terrible customer service from a company like Acura and at this point am very disappointed in my purchase.
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