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The NW U.S Off Topic PW thread

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Where is everyone? How come this part of the forum is so dead? I know you guys are out there.

I drove down to Seattle for Black Friday this year and I saw tons of TSX everywhere. Maybe like 5. I usually take like a few roadtrips down to Seattle, Portland and San Fran every year. It would be nice to meet some members from the US. I need suggestions in finding some good restaurants and places to shop. Start posting everyone!!!!
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wow people from portland.. i didnt realize there was anyone who has anything done around here.. i feel like an outcast all i ever see are stock TSX's :p if you are looking for a shop in portland there is horsepowerfreaks.. they have a dyno too.. im not sure of any others in portland but i know some in the metro parts..
oh ya? where you here for the rain or the snow? heheh
^ yes come!! =)
as it gets older and less are on the road again due to being totalled or what ever then the price goes up.. thats why the eks and egs are so much.. a decent one will go for 5k easily

looked up the price on my POS truck about 8 months ago kbb trade value was 900 for fair condition.. looked it up again just recently its up to 1500 fair trade in condition.. so even the ones that are crappy still go up in value haha..
1 - 6 of 130 Posts
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