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The Speed of a TSX

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I feel the need just to throw in a short writeup after the last couple weeks. We finally got all the snow melted and i took off my winter rubber so ive been having fun with my car.
As far as the regular subject of "the tsx could use more power" its only true to some aspects. In my normal day of driving, i dont know how i could be affected by adding more power. its a hard thing to explain but:
If you have your stock car, and you keep modding, you keep measuring power graphs and speed slips. they need for more power becomes apparent because your comparing it to cars that have the ability to go faster.

But what if we just pretend to be a little stupid sometimes, ignore the fine details and numbers. if you want to drive fast, you can go fast. its a nice feeling. maybe a CAI is in order to add that growl sound and fun, but i can say that i am so pleased with the power of my car. i can drive by cars taht are faster than me. but i dont have a problem.

Its only when you start comparing things directly. like racing and such. but if your not a race car driver, the tsx is one damn nice car to drive.

and ill note that i rev the shit out of my car every single day, and still get 400km a tank on the dot. oh well

a little thread of appreciation, TSX cman
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its always been a little strange to be getting 400km per tank. but its been consistant with my TSXs life so far. even when i was breaking it in and barely revving. if i baby the shit i get 475ish, and the slowness/effort isnt worth it for 75km. i know for a fact it should be better, but theres always the chance of chaos in every system, including cars not being consistant to one another.
i am a little apethetic to the situation just because i have larger worries in my life, but i suppose one day i should look into it.. i just dont know how

TSX Cman
on a side note, ive taken my car to BC on 3 trips. usually getting 600-800 km per tank once on the highway. and im talking with the cruise control on at 140+.
strange systems, even in 6th gear the revs are still higher than youd expect at any speed.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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