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Hello from Texas,
I highly encourage local law enforcement authorities to resolve this issue. It may only be a petty theft to you, but to the automotive community, it's a big deal. We as automotive enthusiasts have come to accept that parts or entire vehicles stolen from us are considered as a trivial crime by law enforcement agencies and minimal effort is put into their resolution. This case has basically had all the work done for you so "wasting our time" is not a factor. This incident has become very widely spread, as noted by my location in Texas, and has gathered the attention of many automotive enthusiasts around the globe. It would be a great move on the part of Law Enforcement Agencies everywhere to take this matter seriously and begin an official and thorough investigation of the accused and all dealings mentioned in the associated thread.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Brian Hamilton
Central Texas, USA
Fellow Automotive Enthusiast
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