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I Mark D'Amico, fully support and encourage the investigation into the theft and subsequent fencing or posession of all automotive parts referenced in, and for proposed sale on, all websites in which Joseph Creti, and any alias used by Joseph Creti, has exploited.

Based on the accusations in the prior thread, while the theft of a single item (the lip referenced in the original threads' creation) may not justify the monetary value by which an investigation can be launched, it would stand to reason that the cumulative value of all property illegally and unlawfully obtained by the accused would justify an in-depth investigation. There is even an occasion in which the accused, by way of an alias, has admitted to his actions and guilt.

Anyway, for the admins:

I am a long standing member of multiple online automotive enthusiast forums, and was informed of this thread through a thread created by another member. I have also created a thread with a link to the "warning/help all members" thread in each of the other forums I belong to. | | and many more...
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