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i do work, and have been carrying a steady job since Sept '08, 3rd year apprentice making $27.46/hr

Im posting in this thread because i am tired of people making assumptions and allegations that are not true. i have in the past and im not gonna deny that, because there is circumstantial proof out there of my involvement. It just amazes me of the members on this board that i see posting day in and day out of stolen parts, or re-vinned cars, and i just laugh to myself out loud about what karma will do to them, because i know karma has taken care of me already. Im still living in Maple, and i swear to god, i have a baby in the house, and if anything were to happen to my daughter or my wife, i dont even want to think about what i would do, because i do not care if we dont have the same laws as the USA, but, MARK MY WORDS, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THEM. if people want to "deal" with me, then so be it, i can stand up for myself.

anything else to clarify for you young kids that are all talk? and just post stupid comments to see some drama

as for the older guys, i hope that you can understand what im trying to do here, because this bothers me in no way, but i just want people to know that i understand WHAT i did in the past, and im owning up to that, and i have no involvement with that stuff for over a year now.
yes i was stealing cars and parts, i've done my time, and majority of teens/early adolescents have done stupid stuff that they have regretted. it doesnt matter to me whether or not what i have done in the past will affect my image in the honda/tuner scene, because i am not even in the scene anymore.

as for jdmchick making the comments about if anyone tries anything on where i live or hurts my daughter or wife, karma will happen. NO, you got it wrong, the statement i made was for the hundreds of people (that i know for a FACT) are selling stolen car parts, swaps even whole cars that have been put together with stolen cars and resold. Karma will come to them for what they are doing, but i personally have every right to protect me, my wife and my daughter, and i have the resources to do that, very easily accessible.

dont take this as me trying to kiss ass because thats not me, im just letting people know that i am owning up to what i have done, it was a stupid decision that i truly regret and i have changed. I've grown out of this stage and i just want people to know that with the money to put into cars, and modding them, its not a wise investment, and since im not getting stuff for real cheap, or free, i really cant be bothered with throwing my money away by modding cars. There are way more wiser investments out there that i am trying to achieve, which will make me successful in life and forget about this troublesome past
police already knew i was "boosting" cars, cant you read when i said i've done my time. it ok, you people can still keep talking and posting your childish comments, it just amazes me at how so many people making these so called e-threats. people dont have to believe me, but i've made it clear for everyone that i've been done with this shit, i've paid my dues for my stealing, and if people want to try anything still, then so be it
141 - 148 of 148 Posts
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