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Thinking about putting the wife in an 04-06 Acura TSX, talk me in/out of it

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There's not a whole lot of them out for sale, but I see them everywhere. I'm guessing most people like them, but I want to hear from the people who didn't like theirs as well. Pros and cons to putting the wife in an 04-06 Acura TSX?

She's in an 04 Civic right now, she's tired of it. She had a 2000 3.5RL before that.
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Very few cons on this, though I'd avoid the 04s, when possible. Why? A/C issues Honda refuses to address. Grenading compressors, etc. affectionately referred to as "the Black Death" by forums like this.

Regardless, I have an 04 and love it. Reasonable punch out of the box, fantastic gas mileage (its a Honda four banger, after all), and otherwise bulletproof. If memory serves, Car and Drive touted the TSX in those years as the ultimate sedan, begging people to buy them.

Also, if you're a do it yourself kind of guy, repairs are relatively inexpensive for OE replacement and above. So yes, I highly recommend this purchase.

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How do you feel about pumping 91 premium gas from here on out in a sedan?
Note the premium issue is really only an issue if you're not used to it already. I came off a 97 Mazda 626 that ran god awful under 91, so the TSX didn't faze me. But, if you're looking at something classified as either "entry level luxury" or a "sports sedan," its a price you have to be willing to accept.

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