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Thinking about selling...opinions?

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Im not sure if this is the right place for this but im debating on selling my car or paying the $2500+ for a paint job. Milano red 2007 TSX 6MT with 76k, i love the car but its fading pink and everytime i look at the pink spots it just makes me cringe, i hate it. Im not sure if i should post it up on craigslist sell it and pay off what i owe on it and put the rest of the money down on another car.

All ive done to the car so far is euro grill and badges, HID's, HIC roof visor, and changed the interior lights. How much do you guys think i should sell the car for on CL or if you have any opinons on a paintjob let me know. thanks.

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I want to keep it Milano Red and if im going to spend that much to wrap it i might as well paint it, my brother used to work at BMW and knows someone who can respray and fix a couple of my door dings for like 2k but my thing is should i invest 2k on a car with 76k or just sell it and put a down payment on a car like a 08-10 C300 , is250, or even TSX with lower miles.
ill def. let you know about the lip and grill lol

New TSX is an option, ill post my options so everyone gets a better idea of what im thinking of doing

1. Pay the 2000 get a new paintjob from my brothers friend at bmw, then continue moding my tsx, considering the car has pretty high miles at 76k

2. Dont paint the car, finish paying off the 10k i owe on it then sell its once i pay it off , hopefully by the end of the year.

3. Sell the Car on CL take the cash i still have after paying off what i owe plus an addition 3k i could put towards a new downpayment on either a 2010 IS250, MB c300. or TSX
imo... you're crazy to repaint it.. that's too much risk.... too many variables for further issues/imperfections.

Take the car for what it is, a 2007. Look at the big picture. Look at all the other positives about the car. Enjoy it for what it is
what do you mean to much risk? the car would potentially look brand new, he would take out all the dings and spray the whole car.
Thanks for the input guys definitely got some thinking to do
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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