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Thinking about selling...opinions?

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Im not sure if this is the right place for this but im debating on selling my car or paying the $2500+ for a paint job. Milano red 2007 TSX 6MT with 76k, i love the car but its fading pink and everytime i look at the pink spots it just makes me cringe, i hate it. Im not sure if i should post it up on craigslist sell it and pay off what i owe on it and put the rest of the money down on another car.

All ive done to the car so far is euro grill and badges, HID's, HIC roof visor, and changed the interior lights. How much do you guys think i should sell the car for on CL or if you have any opinons on a paintjob let me know. thanks.

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imo... you're crazy to repaint it.. that's too much risk.... too many variables for further issues/imperfections.

Take the car for what it is, a 2007. Look at the big picture. Look at all the other positives about the car. Enjoy it for what it is
what do you mean to much risk? the car would potentially look brand new, he would take out all the dings and spray the whole car.
Paint/prep an entire car properly... that's the risk
Thanks for the input guys definitely got some thinking to do
My POV is since you got $10k more to pay on the car (an '07 w/ 76k mi)... don't put $2k into it that you will never recoop...

...I too am anal when it comes to cleanliness/paint qlty/etc... however theres a point a which you're just flushing money down the toilet, even more so than cars already do...
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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