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Hello everyone!

Trying to figure out what do for my next car. My current car is a 2008 335i Coupe 6MT. I love it. But I'm hoping to get something a bit cheaper and more practical (by that, I mean the wife told me I have to get a sedan now because we plan on having kids soon-ish).

In any case, the one requirement I have is to get a manual transmission, and well, not too many manufacturers are making them anymore.

I had a '92 Acura Legend in college, bought it at 85k miles, it has 185k now, and the engine still runs great. The body is falling off, but the engine is great. So I love the reliability of Acuras.

I recently drove a 2013 TSX SE 6MT, and thought it was pretty nice! Just a tad underpowered, and not a huge fan of torque steer (I've had RWD cars for the last 7 years. '04 BMW M3. '00 BMW 325ci. '08 BMW 335i)

In any case, the TSX was the best combo of everything I was looking for. Now my choices are the following:

2013 TSX. Posted at $32k. Dealer says they will "give me a discount" if I buy before the end of the year. 0.9% financing for up to 60mo. And they'll throw in 4 years of maintenance.

2012 TSX with 21k miles. Posted at $28k.

Do you think either of these are good choices? Anything else you guys might recommend?

I'm trying to buy a car before the end of the year, because I hear this is the best time to get a good deal. If I should go with one of the TSXs, which one seems like would be a better deal? Any help would be great! Thanks!!
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