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Thought and opinions on mounts and exhaust ?

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Did I eff up getting innovative 60A mounts? Lol like two guys told me they're too stiff for our cars lol I'm hopping it's not.
I also bought two OBX forza exhaust now I'm scared they won't fit because they look to long and if they do I think the tips will stick out too far :( but oh well should I run 3 inch straight pipe to the two exhaust ? Or would that be tooooo loud? I would like to get a couple back fires here and there but would like to avoid raspy sounds.
What do you guys think ?

Inlet Diameter: 3.00"
Tip Diameter: 4.00"
Tip Length: 7 1/4"
Muffler Length: 25.00"

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I have 95s in mine, its honestly just preference of how you like your car. I hate cars that you cannot feel anything in, I like the rattles, bumps and noises, it helps you feel what the car is actually doing. The 60s should be just a bit stiffer then stocks which is completely fine and will reduce wheel hop significantly.

Are those just mufflers or a whole system? You wont get any "pops" with just a muffler if that is what you bought. You also wont have any rasp if the rest of your stock exhaust stays in place, the stock system is incredibly restrictive.
I bought just the mufflers I don't like buying the bolt on exhaust pippin. I believes in cutting and welding new 3 inch pipping lol I wonder how that would sound
Not much louder to be honest. The header, cat, and massive res cut down on 90% of the noise. You might get a little grumble.
Im probably the worst person to ask that question to. I daily mine with a Js racing 70RR (no res, straight out with a small glass pack) and a weapon R header. Its LOUD, my friends txt me from all over town letting me know they can hear me 5 miles away.

I like rasp, but not your typical b18 fart can rasp. My K has this angry rasp that I think (and many others) sounds amazing.

You cant leave the stock header it will sound terrible. 3 inch pipe would give a deep tone, rasp will be there but it wont be your typical ricer rasp.

Heres a dyno pull from a few years ago. Weapon R header, Js Exhaust, stock intake mani and tb:

Its going to be loud and you will have rasp. You need a big up resonator or pre muffler to get a deeper sound, dont buy a little 12" resonator or something. I had a magnaflows and a 16" resonator put on my car with a 2.5" all the way to header sounded loud and farty. Switched the 16" resonator for a 26" glasspack and it sounds deep and no more fart, somewhat quiet too.

My opinion...
The 2.5 inch piping is your problem, its too small which generates that higher pitched resonance
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