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I am getting some tires put on my VOLKS and I wanted a place that would take care of them instead of some chain. After some lurking around, I found this place and it had great reviews.

I will finish my review tonight. Jsut sharing some info for you locals.

Their prices are GREAT BTW.

Tight-n-Tidy Racing Home Page

So I stopped by their place. Whole process took jsut a little over 30 mins which included dismounting 4 tires and mounting 4 new ones + balancing. I called them last minute @ noon and they fit me in which doesn't usually happen for them. Very nice couple! He was EXTRA careful since he was handling Volks to make sure there were now blemishes and scratches. Overall, it was worth it and they did a great job.

So next time when you want some tire services, shoot them a call and they'll take care of you.
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