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So I had the P0341 code. Popped the valve cover and the timing looked off by bout a tooth maybe. The timing chain didn’t seem like it was stretched to me, wasn’t very much slack but I could be wrong. Anyways I’m going to replace the chain.

My question is, what parts do I absolutely NEED to replace opposed to what parts I SHOULD replace? I’m kind of tight on money right now so I’m just looking to do the bare minimum, but I also want to be sure that it’s going to hold up through time and be reliable.

The parts I’m planning to order are:
• Timing chain
• Tensioner
• All guides (I believe there’s 3?)
• VTC actuator (I want to replace this because I’m pretty sure there’s a rattle on cold starts. And I don’t know if this part being bad has any effect on vtec but I’m pretty sure my vtec isn’t working)
• valve cover gasket. (Should I get the whole set?)
• Timing cover gasket

is there anything I’m forgetting? I’m planning to Disassemble more so I can get a look at the lower oil pump chain and sprockets. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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