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Tint Installation Issues

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I have a 2006 TSX and just had Madico tint installed from a shop that got good Yelp reviews, but I'm questioning their work/attention to detail.

When installing tint on the passenger windows, do they need to remove the rubber weather strips? I noticed the weather strips were not seated properly. I was able to re-seat them by hand. To be honest, I never look that closely at them before, and I can't tell if it was from the tint installation. If this was part of the installation, I'll be sure to take a closer look all around. What else did they need to disassemble?

Also, I have an annoying glare from the rear defroster lines (air gap?) I've read that it may take some time for it to go away. I got the tint about 5 days ago. Anyone else have this problem go away on after time?

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