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Hey ya'll,
just picked up some NT03+M

18x9.5 +40 all around

was wondering what size tire would be good for a slight stretch?

also, i'm on F2's about one and a half finger gaps in front and one in the rear (17x8 +45)... and ingalls rear camber kit, no front camber kit.
I don't want to rub and im ok with it not being tucked, im not looking for a super low stance.
finger gap is cool and as close to natural camber is great

what am i looking at for fender modification, if any? I'm hoping none in the rear and fronts slightly rolled?

what am i looking at for camber correction- is this aggressive enough to warrant a skunk2 UCA in the front? Im thinking it is.

any other pointers would be nice, i've never really messed about with wheels before. these are my first set of rims that are not OEM of some sort!

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