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TL diamond cut 19"s??

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Hey all....I have a black tsx SE and I've noticed lately the wheels are just like too small for the car, or not wide enough. I can't figure it out. The ground effects for the SE widen the car out a bit and I'm starting to dislike the look. I truthfully want a stock look to the car. I don't want a car that looks like a race car so truthfully, I wouldn't like to lower it but I think I'll have to go that route. I love these wheels but they run a steep ticket on eBay. Does anyone know if there's a company out there that makes a close look to these but not as expensive? Or if the oem's will even fit our cars?

4 Acura 2012 TL 19" Accessory Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Rims 08W19 TK4 201B | eBay
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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