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I know it must've been well over 35 years since you've had driver's training, but there's still no excuse for your ignorance...

Let's get something straight...

1) You are the one merging into traffic from the Sheppard to 404 North on ramp...I am amongst the "flow of traffic".
2) There's a reason that the city paves a merging lane, with adequate space might I add, so use it wisely.
3) When the flow of traffic doesn't allow you to merge, the onus is on YOU to yield, not the other way around.
4) When I was driving in the right lane of the 404 and saw that you wanted merge, I switched over to the middle lane = I was doing YOU a favour.
5) There's no reason for you to flash your high beams at me afterwards.
6) There's also no fallible reason for you to extend your middle digit as a sign of gratitude. A simple wave would suffice. After all, I did allow you merge when YOU wanted to. So when I signalled to ask what the problem was, don't give ME the finger.

My suggestion to you sir, is spend a little less on a car, and perhaps re-train yourself on the rules of the road and your driving skills.

I know you were shitting bricks when I followed you all the way to Warden and 16th...but if you were so kind enough to acknowledge me with your finger before, I find it extremely rude that you would ignore me when I had a little sign of gratitude to extend to you.

P.S. You've got a brand new 5...learn to drive it well. It looks pathetic when you're trying to lose a tail of a TSX, but can't.

Sorry guys...I'm bored & tired at work today (Urban Rave @ Guvernment ownz me)... :D
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