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We've exclusively obtained this document detailing the plan for a stop sale of the 2010 Lexus HS250h and a voluntarily recall of all 17,000 vehicles sold following NHTSA testing showing excessive fuel leakage after a standard rear-end collision.

The document seen here references the Noncompliance Information Report filed by Lexus with NHTSA. It details the substantial difference between what Lexus found in its own testing and what NHSTA's tests returned.

"Our testing of (the HS250h) shows that we're in full compliance with the fuel system integrity standard, although NHTSA tests showed that we're not, so we're working to intensely to duplicate the non-conformity that NHTSA identified, and to determine the reasons behind the different results," said Brian Lyons, Toyota Safety Communications.

The voluntary recall places a stop sale on all dealer vehicles and advises consumers to call with their concerns. What it doesn't do is lay out a fix for the problem, which is reminiscent of the fuel spillage issue Ford faced with the Pinto in the mid-1970s.

This is the second safety issue for the HS250h in the last six months, it was also recalled in February because of inconsistent brake feel under certain conditions.
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