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I'm posting this as a follow up on the previous TPMS posts and also to get some feedback from you all.

As most of you know I installed the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in early February so I've had time to really evaluate it.

Beyond the gadget aspect of this system, it really does serve a very serious and useful purpose for any car or truck, especially if you own a high profie vehicle such as 4x4, SUV, etc.

The novelty aspect has pretty much worn off and I've stopped looking at the display at every stop light. It's become pretty much an integral feature now and has really worked well.

Since I manually set the temp and pressure alerts a month ago, I've had to readjust them back to factory default settings to avoid getting alerts due to excessive temp and pressure readings, not a major issue and part of the learning curve.

Overall, my impression is the system does exactly what it is intended to and then some. It literally saved our butts during an extended road trip. With the hotter weather here (coming soon for most of you), this situation will become more critical as higher temperatures and low air pressure can be disasterous.

Considering the price of similar systems and comparing features, my feeling is pretty positive. Until Honda and every manufacuturer begin installing these standard equipment in a couple years, this is a good alternate solution.

Now for your feedback, in addition to my moderator duties here, I co-own a new product development biz. Our first product was a Mini Cooper console that we introduced late last year. I want to start carrying other products and the TPMS system seems like a good choice.

What is your feeling and thoughts about a TPMS device? Does it make sense and would it be something of interest to you?

If we carry them the price would be about $199 (less for you guys of course ;))
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