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As I mentioned in the previous post "TPMS Anyone?" I just installed the system and had only limited time to evaluate it before a embarking on a trip to LA from Phoenix,or about 500 miles.

To recap briefly, prior to the TPMS install I had picked up a long machine screw (~1-3/4) in the right rear tire. It embedded itself between the tread and sidewall. Exaclty where the flat couldn't be repaired! With only 4200 miles on the car it cost $153 for a replacement tire thanks to Discount Tire's "generous" coutesy discount.

BTW, Michelin offers this discount to any vehicle owner who has their OEM tires so long as the mileage is under 10,000 miles.

Anyway, my wife, Yoda (the wonder dog) and myself was cruising along I-10 west toward LA blissfully enjoying our first long distance TSX trip together when bad luck struck. About 50 miles east of Palm Springs a semi trailer truck pulled out in front of us while we were in the left lane. Without warning, he pulled in fornt of us and then swerved back into the right lane. At that moment, it was as if something had exploded as wood chips and fragments were everywhere. I swerved and avoided most all the major pieces and assumed we escaped undamaged.

About 50 miles later we pulled into an outlet mall in Cabazon, west of Palm Springs. That's when we heard an unfamilar beeping sound. I looked around and realized the TPMS display was beeping. I found the warning indicator light flashing and could see that the left rear tire was showing 21 lbs pressure.

My first thought was the system had malfunctioned. Not leaving anything to chance I slowed down and pulled over to have a look. When I went out to examine the tire, I expected a nail or similar to have lodged itself into the tread but found nothing. As I was getting up to walk away, I happened to glance back down and noticed what appeared to be about 1/4" long "toothpick" sticking out of the sidewall. It was a wooden splinter from the previous encounter with the semi.

Luckily, I happened to pack along a 12V tire inflator and was able to reinflate the tire. We were lucky, as the leak was somewhat slow and I seemed to be holding. By keepig a close eye on the TPMS display we were able to proceed for about 100 miles before needing to refill.

Eventually I located an America's Tire store near my dad up in Simi Valley. As some may know, in California Discount Tire goes by the name, America's Tire Company.

Unfortunately my worst fear was confirmed, another flat in almost the same location as the previous week (different tire) also irrepairable. After I explained that this was my 2nd flat in less than a week, the assitant manager couldn't understand why the Phoenix store hadn't recommended I purchase road hazard certificates for the remaining 3 tires? I was unaware it was available and wished I had been told.

Well, it's pretty much over now and so I had to bite the bullet and buy a 2nd tire in less than a week. This time I did take out the road hazard warranty for the new tire and remaining 2.

For some reason, the cost in California was considerably less. The Phoenix bill indicated a list price of $205.99. The total consisted of a cost price of $103 plus a road hazard certificate fee of $31.00 with several small charges for environmental fee, lifetime balance & valve and tax for a total of $153.00. In California, the tire listed for $191.00, actual tire cost at $85.95, and road hazard certificates at $22.00 each X 3 tires for a total price of $179,67. I think I may have a few words with the Phoenix store when I return on Tuesday?

Obviously this is all secondary, the main reason for this post is how well the TPMS device performed and really proved itself. I know many of you thought this was a high tech toy and probably had no real value (other than another distracting amusement). I strongly believe if it weren't for the early warning we received from the TPMS, the tire would have blown as I couldn't feel any difference in the handling of the TSX. And at 75-80mph, the outcome could have been disasterous.

Even my wife was very impressed and as she said, "I would never have believed that you would have had 2 flats in less than a week and I'm real impressed with your new toy." Thinking about it now, I still can't believe it. :(
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