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Hi all!
I gave my 2003 Lexus IS300 to my brother in Los Angeles about a year ago and he hates the manual transmission (not really a car guy)
he likes the TSX so I'm trying to do him a favor by perhaps trading my car with yours. (must be an automatic TSX)

Its a 'graphite grey pearl' IS300 manual with a factory navigation system that 'pops up' lol pretty cool me thinks :)
car is really fun RWD with an LSD. very smooth 3 liter Inline 6 2JZ-GE (N/A version of the supra engine.....excellent for turbo)
Leather seats inside and a factory lip spoiler on the rear.

The car is pretty rare in the IS300 world because they didnt make many M/T's that came with the navigation system in that color.

car has about 20,000 miles, excellent condition.
check out if you want to learn more.
email me if your interested!!
[email protected]

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what we will do is compare blue book prices on both cars considering mileage and options etc and condition of the car. then we will get the difference of price and factor in how much money is left over payment wise. if you are really interested please send me your phone number via email. thanks!!
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