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Tropical climate oil grade for hard driving

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I know there’s plenty of talk here and everywhere else about oil, and I’ve searched through nearly every one of them. I’ve decided to ask a bit of a noobish questions and request the opinions of you seasoned Honda owners out there.

Ever since my first oil change I’ve noted that the Honda guys only seem to fill the oil to just above the minimum mark on the dipstick. This has always concerned me a little as when it comes to the next service the oil levels usually dropped to the minimum mark. I personally would’ve thought it’d be better to fill the engine to the full mark. That’s a matter I intend to bring up with them when I take it in for its 20000km service this week. I’m also going to request they change the manual transmission fluid. At this stage I’ll let them use the Honda fluid.

Honda FEO here in Australia is a 10W-30 oil and made by Caltex.
And I now wish to upgrade to full synthetic Motul 8100. I drive 170km a day 5 days a week, most of which I drive hard trying to get the engine up into the VTEC range at least once a day (damn speed limits prohibiting VTEC in 2nd gear ;) ) Usually the 85km trip to work is a fairly clean run with little stop start traffic, however half of the trip home is always stop start.

My main question is which would be the best grade oil in your educated opinions…0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40. I’m in Queensland (Brisbane) where the temperatures never really drop below 5C (41F), and are very often above 30-35C (86-95F) with high humidity. I’d like to keep to the standard servicing schedule of 10,000km but I’m willing to change the oil myself at every 5,000km and let Honda do it every 10K.

Thanks for your thoughts opinions or recommendations of other oils J

Better get back to work, been here for 3.5hrs, and have yet to do a minute of it! Monday’s……m’eh L
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I'm personally more inclined to recommend using the Mobil 1 (Gold Bottle Type) 10W-30 grade for daily driving instead of the Motul 8100 series or Honda FEO. The Honda Type R 10W-30 is made by Mobil 1 BTW which is also a good option. Either of the Mobil 1 is fine for the engine. While the maximum and recommended filling capacity for the K24a engine should be 5 litres, no more and no less for every 10,000 KMs.
Thanks again Noel! :)

I didn't think the gold bottle Mobil 1 was full synthetic?? Oh well I'll reconsider that as an option, or if the Honda service centre has a hissy fit I'll ask them about the Type R oil when I book the service.

I thought the service guy's were screwing me. I imagine 5lt (which is what it also states in the owners manual) would indicate closer to, if not full. I'll wait while they do this service and make sure before I drive away that the oil level reads full and they show me either the empty container of oil I provide to them, or they show me the empty container of the oil they use.

Yup, the gold Mobil 1 is full synthetic. And with the oil up to 5 litres, it should be very close or if not stop at the full mark. Not ½, not ¾.
Noel, now here's a question that keeps coming around. I just booked my car in for the 20,000km and asked about using Mobil 1. The answer was that yes they'd use it, and wouldn't charge me for the oil, but Honda released a bulletin against using full synthetic oil in their engines as they contain additive compounds that effect the "ring seats and valves". The guy I spoke to was a mechanic and he couldn't make sense of the company excuse, :jeffy: but said "yes they'd use the provided oil but make an entry that non genuine Honda oil was used".

I'm sure this is an issue that's been discussed many times, so should I call their bluff? :hmmph:
There is common understanding to not promote using full synthetic prior to 10,000 KMs, however pass that mark. All or most current Honda engines are safe to do so, heck it's even safe to use full synthetic pass 1,000 KMs.

Well, if you're car is being serviced and maintained by Honda dealerships, you can either ask to use the Type R 10W-30 instead or go all out to running full synthetic. I know the Type R 10W-30 is still not half or ¼ mineral based and no real difference from the generic Honda FEO in terms of performance.
Cheer's I thought that was the case. I'd never heard of the Type R oil so I'll follow up with them tomorrow as I forgot to ask today.

They're going to have kittens when I take it in for the 30,000km service anyway as I'll have the heat shield gasket, CAI, and oil catch can installed. So I might as well go the Mobil 1.

The Type R oil is labelled with the distinctive Honda red R ... It is a fairly common product on Honda parts shelves. But yes, I'd more inclined to use the Mobil 1 Gold 10W-30 instead.
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