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Hey guys, just wanted to show you my fix for my leaky trunk problem since I got the car. Found out the sunroof drain outlets were clogged and were overflowing, pouring directly into my trunk. There's also a leak on the front passenger side too, which I fixed in the same method (edited some pictures to show anonymity).

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Gutted the trunk by pulling the edges and removing a bunch of Christmas tree fasteners.

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Located the drain tubes. The Honda branded PVC tubes were just resting in the outlets, no wonder they just flowed into my trunk.

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I unclogged the outlets by putting the hose bit against a spigot and squeezed them around for a bit. The right side was clogged up the most. I slathered flex glue in the drain port walls first and then lubed up the drain ports with WD-40 to seal onto the body and make installation easier, then glued the outlets to the tubes, being careful not to block them.

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After 2 days of consecutive heavy rain, no leaks and puddles were in sight.
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