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Trunk release button not responsive!

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Hello All,
The button on the trunk will no longer open the trunk, but the remote button and the lever on the inside do open it. I have checked the glove compartment switch, and that is not the cause of the problem. I have read a lot of people mentioning wires falling apart that lead to the button, taillights and license plate light, and I really hope that isn't happening here :( has anyone had this problem and found a fix for it?
Thanks in advance.
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I have a new Accord and my button on the trunk failed and I have only had the car 3 months. I took it to the dealership since it has warantee and they messed with it and said OH ITS WORKING FINE we messed with the valet key and it works great now. So I get home and try it and nope..... doesnt work! Period. WORSE than that is that later, in the middle of the night or while shopping at Target the friggin trunk will pop open~~~~~~~~~~ I am going to get it back to the dealership but they are not happy to look into the problem. They think its me~!
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