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Hi! I am new to the forum, as I am in the market for my first TSX. my budget for purchase is limited to <$20,000, so it will obviously be used.

I will be using this car for mainly in town driving and occasional short road trips (approx 50-100 mile trips 5 times a year). Will probably put about 10,000 or less per year on car.

Have it narrowed down to 3...

2006 w/ 71,000 miles w/o nav for $14,500 - from Honda dealer
2008 w/ 38,000 miles w/ nav for $19,000 still under full warranty for 6 more months. And powertrain warranty for its remainder. from large local used car company
2009 w/ 106,000 miles w/ nav for $17,500 from Acura dealer.

Nav not a necessary option for me, these just happen To have it and thought I would mention it for pricing sake.

Any thoughts, insights, points to ponder in making my decision? I've read through the boards and thiught you might be able to help.

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All of them are automatics? I'd get the 2008 personally. The low miles will make it basically new. Plus the nav screen is useful for things other than just navigation. 2006 can be reflashed though if you wanted more engine performance. As for the 2009, those are just way too many miles for such a young car.

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get the 08 tsx with navi with the low miles...unless you are going to mod the car and down the road want to reflash the ecu then go with 06 tsx....goodluck

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Thanks for all the input. I was leaning toward the 08.

One problem with the 08 that I would appreciate some input on...

The dealer offered an "Autocheck" report that stated that there was an accident reported 3/09. Auto check did not give any specifics on the extent of the damage, so I ran a Carfax that stated the following about the accident...

"Accident reported
Involving left front impact
It hit a utility pole
Left front primarily damaged
Vehicle towed
Front airbag deployed "

The car was owned by the same one owner until 6/11 (when the used car dealership that now owns it acquired the car). There was one maintenance inspection listed at an Acura dealer between the accident and acquisition by the dealer.

The "dealer" has their own service department, and they inspected the vehicle and did some minor maintenance on it - replaced 2 tires, turned front and back rotors, oil change, replaced air filter. The "dealer" is also selling this as a "certified" vehicle and comes with a powertrain warranty 7 model years/100,000 miles. This is not the Acura CPO warranty, but just one through their dealership ($200 deductable for each warranty repair).

I am planning on taking the vehicle we decide to purchase to an Acura dealer for inspection prior to purchase.

How serious do you think the accident back in 09 would be to the vehicle today?

Would you still consider this car with that information?

If so, are there any specific things the dealer should check during the inspection?

Would that accident void the factory warranty?

I am not planning on "moding" the vehicle, I am a 49 year old stay at home mom that is tired of the minivan/suv vehicles I have driven for the past 15 years. It is mainly just for driving around town, taking kids to school/practices/events, shopping, trips to the lake (1 hour away) in the summer on weekends, and maybe 2-3 longer (2-4 hour) trips a year. I plan to keep the car for several years - 7-10 years.

I have already sold my Suburban, and am borrowing a friends extra van until I find a new ride.

I have decided that a TSX is the car I want, but the available used ones in our area are few and far between. Of the 3 vehicles I am considereing only one is in town - the other 2 are 70 and 100 miles away.


BTW... both Autocheck and Carfax list it as a "Clean Title" - not salvaged, or repaired.

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Sometimes you have to read the fine print, if the price seems to good to be true (with low mileage) look around for the "SALVAGE TITLE" in the car's description, then move on to another car. I've purchased a salvage title car before, not a good idea in the long run.
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