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TSA & NYC ALIVE Collabo BBQ Meet

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note: this meet was not organized by me, it was organized by Snow White eG on the b20vtec. here's the link ,TSA & NYC ALIVE Collabo BBQ Meet *May 20th*

We would like to invite everyone out for the first ever TSA & NYC ALIVE Collabo BBQ Meet.

We would like to invite everyone out for a good time, good food and good company, the location is family and pet friendly so bring out little ones and enjoy the day. So clean your cars, trucks, jeeps, suv's, motorcycles and scooters for a great day

The location is great for pictures, you have the GW bridge in the background the road to the parking area is a nice little mountain run. there is a link for direction to the location. there is no physical address so we do apologize for that.

Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Henry Hudson Drive, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

May 20th 2012, which is a Sunday

Official Time:
9:00 am The earlier the better guys! To get the parking close to where we are eating, this park fills up super fast!!!

There is a $5 dollar entry fee. Sorry there is nothing we can do about that because this is a state park.

BBQ's require things to cook and drink, so if everyone can please bring some of the following items so everyone can eat.

Hot dogs and Buns
Hambugers and Buns
Bags of Ice
Bags of Coal
Portable grill - this is only if we need more grills. i always bring an extra grill so we should be good

we also encourage anyone that wants to bring specialty dishes like rice and beans or empanadas or steaks, ect...

I will be making Beer steak.
i know someone else might come with their skirt steak again

Please pass this around and share with everyone.Post the link in whichever forum you may be part of.

Thank you in advance to everyone that can come out on this day. we hope to see you there and share some laughs and stories.

So far there's up to 168 people going
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Ive never really seen people on b20 talking about or having a tsx group, any1 in ny wanna meet up before going and all roll out together?
hahahah ok cool, yea theyre pretty reckless sometimes but hopefully security will be posted up there to keep everything cool
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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