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TSX 2006 is it hallogen or hid light bulbs for low beam?

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Sorry for the question , but one of my lightbulbs burned out, the car is driven by my parents so they have no idea how to distinguish but I have to order the parts, I know high beams are slightly yellowish but low beams as far as I recall where white however were really really weak. Any search on the tsx 2006 turns results that is either halogen or hid , for reference the tsx 2006 is the one with the nav package. Anyone with that vehicle in stock or the manual knows what type of light bulb is used by the low beams of the vehicle?
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For anyone in the future reading this, it could also be the ballast or igniter. Our '05 had a failure in the passenger's side headlight and I ended up replacing everything after a new bulb did not fix it. No issues at all now.

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