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Hello, Issue is the title basically, the TSX is no longer mine but my parents and I dont have time to well work on the car much and really dont want to know the cost of the repair by a mechanic. I am hoping once its dry in the morning it will work fine but no high beams, turn lights, ac not even the engine bay fans are working and has my dad worried and he needs to use the car.

My question is if someone has had this issue before, do you guys have a pictures of where is the drain for the AC and the sunroof? is it easy to access? I am sure the issue was after a heavy rain so most likely the sunroof drain or AC drain is clogged which makes sense since I recall during a hurricane where the car was parked outside, there was water on the floor of the car coming from the side of the roof (rear passengers) and some on the front sides too which means water is leaking since before. If anyone knows where are the drains and has pictures it would help a lot since most say to just find them and such but I am worriedd I can damage the car and I really do not have time to take off parts of the car looking for it. On the other side any idea outside of messing with the tubes or finding them what else can eb done to avoid having water drop on the fuse box?
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