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Hello everyone, I just bought a brand new TSX 2011 and I'm on the verge of ordering myself brand new 18" mag as well..

Thing is I'm not sure about the fitment and tire size... it seems like there is a LOT of possibilities out there... Of course I want it to be the best looking as possible...

I know for a fact the I want 18" by 8" mags... Here is the questions that remains...

What offset and what tire size ?

I'd like the tire/wheel combo to fit the closest with the fender but just a tiny bit inside it... so I'm guessing +35 to +42 offset would be good (corect me if I'm wrong here.... need confirmation..)

And now the tire size... The most confusing part for me to figure....

I've seen so many possibilities... I would probably want the side of the tire to fit perfectly the side of the wheel while staying at around +/- 2% difference... Which size ?!?


Any recommendation... ?
Thank you for taking time replying to this msg

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An 8" wide wheel with a +43mm offset puts the front edge of the rim 1/4" inside the fenderwell. I would shoot for a +40mm offset wheel with tire size 235/45-18.
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