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Hi there. Just registered today after reading the interesting discussions all over this forum. Very nice.

Anyway, my wife and I are interested in replacing my 1994 Altima (with 167K miles on it) with a Milano Red TSX. I live here in Northern NJ and I don't see that many TSXs driving around. I see the TLs more often than the TSXs.

When we ordered our Odyssey in 2000, we had to wait until February 2001. When a friend of mine ordered his MDX in mid-2000, he waited 3 months for it. Now, is there also a waiting period on the TSX.

We've not had time to visit the dealership as we have no time - too much work and home things to do.

Any inputs will be appreciated.

Thanks and keep up the great forum you have here.


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Welcome! I had to order my TSX and I got it in 31 days but I know some people bought theirs off the lot. Everyones experience will differ. It depends on color and transmission and I am sure it depends on how many dealers are in No. NJ.

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Have you tried to email the dealerships for your queries? That'd give you quite an accurate response without having the need to travel all the way to the locality to get the information you want.
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