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TSX Club Logo , Ideas Needed

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The designs and ideas expressed in this post are in no way associated with the official message board or it's founders , all designs are unofficial and are created by myself , Sebastian Czeczotka aka DeSEBticoN ( message board user name ) , In case of any sorts of questions , problems , or comments , please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] , TSX , H , A logos are copyrighted Honda property and are being used in non profit manner to present visual ideas. Thank you.

So i am playing around with adobe illustrator and i want to create some sort of custom TSX Club logo , my question is , what would you guys like to see incorporated into the logo ? i am open to color schemes , fonts and everything else , i will try to come up with something that everyone will enjoy :)


UPDATE August 4 2012

here are some designs i came up with so far , let me know what yall think

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I knew we had a logo although I never had a chance to see it yet , I'm going to have some time of from work between 13th and 20th so I'm looking for a fun project and figured I'll do some sort of custom logo for TSX club where the forum members input ideas what they would like to see hehe :p

PS the more ideas the better :-D I'll do few variations do there's something for everyone :p

Im thinking of doing few things , just TSX logos that are themed for certain things , the one i came up with yesterday is a TSX 4th of july logo where the TSX will have an amaerican flag inside , Japan TSX logo , same thing with Japanese flag inside , still comin up with ideas for TSXClub logo , Maybe do few JDM New Driver badges with TSX logos on the inside , i dont know , im going to brain storms some more , even if its a stupid @$$ idea dont be affraid to share it , great things happen when people work together :)

1 - 6 of 8 Posts
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