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Hi Guys,

I just replaced the clutch on my 2006 TSX and thought I would share the parts used and experience. The parts chosen are from the RSX-S which is essentially the same K-series engine as the TSX, but with a shorter piston stroke. Lucky for us the parts are interchangeable and much cheaper than TSX parts. In terms of performance the RSX and TSX engines are almost identical and so will the clutch setups. Keep in mind if you decide to go with a RSX-S parts you'll need to do so with both the clutch and flywheel.

Exedy OE replacement kit. Part number KHC10 aka 08806. The part is made by Exedy, which is a subsidiary of Daiken, which is the company that provides Honda the clutches that come in the TSX. You can expect high quality parts. Unless you are running a turbo or supercharger, this clutch will serve you perfectly well.

Given that this is an RSX-S clutch kit, it therefore requires an RSX-S flywheel to be installed with it.

Exedy 8.9lb flywheel. Part number HF02. This is a single-piece chromoly flywheel. If you want an aggressive flywheel, this is it.

Other options include the Competition Clutch 11.5lb flywheel, part number 2-800-ST. This heavier flywheel will be a tremendous improvement over the 18.2lb stock TSX flywheel and will be easier to drive than the Exedy part.

The Honda DC5R flywheel is around 10.45 lbs and will fit with an RSX-S clutch. Good luck finding one.

Clutch Master Cylinder
Original faulty TSX/TL CMC part number is 46920-S7A-A03. Revised TSX/TL CMC part number is 46920-S7A-A04. I'm not sure if this fixes the "feedback plate" problem, but it's a newer part.

Very good option is the drop-in replacement from the EM2 Civic, part number 46920-S5A-G06. This has no feedback plate and therefore you can feel the RPMs in the clutch pedal more than before. ACT recommends this as a suitable drop-in replacement for high performance applications.

I'm not aware of who manufactures the OEM CMC so best to buy directly from Honda.

Clutch Slave Cylinder
TSX part is 46930-S7C-E02. Adler supplies this part to Honda, so save some money and just buy the Adler part.

My selection and experience
I went with the Exedy OE replacement clutch with the 8.9lb flywheel. While at it I had the CMC replaced with the Honda EM2 Civic part and the CSC with the Adler part. My concern was matching the lightweight flywheel with my ultra-light Unorthodox Racing Pulley set. Can rotating mass be too light?

Nope. My TSX feels like a new car. Incredibly fun driving it around the city but I was surprised just how light the rotating mass feels now, especially in combination with the racing pulleys. It feels like less throttle is required to get the car going in low gears. It zips around effortlessly. For those who are less hardcore, I think the heavier 11.5lb Competition Clutch part will serve you better. To drive the TSX with the light flywheel and pulleys requires quite a bit of concentration, but is rewarding.

Clutch pedal feels wonderful. I was surprised with just how little pressure the clutch pedal now requires compared to my old stock, creaky CMC. You'll feel some vibrations in the clutch pedal at around 3,000+ RPMs due to the absence of the feedback plate in the EM2 CMC, but nothing beyond what would be described as sporty. Most likely wouldn't notice the difference unless their attention was intentionally drawn to it. Clutch is a bit grabby with the light flywheel and is very difficult to engage smoothly at RPMs less than 1,500. I occasionally hear very subtle noise from the transmission casing when trying to engage the clutch at low engine speeds like 1,100 RPMs. My engine and transmission mounts are new. I wouldn't have even noticed this if it were not described by others online.

Anyways, I'm very pleased with this upgrade. Very zippy in low gears. Highly recommended but be aware that the Exedy flywheel transforms your vehicle into something decidedly more aggressive than stock.

Good luck and drive safe.

PS. I hyperlinked the parts in my acuraz1ne post here, but you'll have to type in "acuraz1ne" without the "1" since this group seems to have blocked it: http://*********.com/forums/performance-parts-modifications-126/tsx-clutch-upgrade-serial-numbers-927241/

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This is the type of thread I was looking for. Thank you for all the part numbers. I am only concerned that my transmission with +170k miles will have other internal parts that will need to be replaced.
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