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Anyone notice that the body panels aren't aligned properley?
I just went to my local Acura dealership 'cause i was thinking that my car was a lemon but it turns out that every TSX on that lot had the same problem. It's as if the front bumper and the rear bumper never get installed properly. Go check on your TSX and feel the groove btwn your bumpers and where they meet the rest of the body, it's not smooth and on some instances, you can totally notice it.

Another thing has to do with the exhaust tips - they are supposed to be even level right? well wrong again: the one's i've seen usually have the right exhaust tip higher to the body then the left side. really wack...and we're paying a decent chunk of change for the TSX. Go check the TL and you'll notice the the same type of body panelling weirdness.

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