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Hallo natives! ?‍♂

Since my kiddo's Accord is pretty much turning into a basket case (long story over at DriveAccord), I've been looking at replacements, and the TSX has been at the top of the list. It's a restricted budget, but I am trying to stick to 2006 and newer, 160k or fewer miles, auto trans, etc.. I've found a few, but all of them are at least a two hour drive from me. (The few TSXes we have here are usually not in good shape.)

So, I'm here to poke around and see if there are any common issues to sort through, things to watch out for when inspecting them before purchasing, etc. . I've read the TSX has proven to be quite reliable, which is a plus.

Our hooptie fleet is currently listed in my signature below, and our only other Acura was a '99 TL we owned for only two years before losing it in a flood in 2014 (what a sad day that was). I tend to work on my own cars, so unless it's major surgery, I can handle a lot of it. And with both of the '09 CR-Vs having K24 engines, I am familiar with it.
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