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**All Acura/Honda Meet**
Time to start off the season with a meet. This time around I really hope we can get all the TSX's to come out! Of course I'm not making this a TSX Only meet. We will have the whole Acura/Honda community.
So please invite anyone you know!

If you can please have your cars washed as there will be pictures as well as video being shot.
So that means anyone can bring their own cameras to take some pictures.

The location is pretty much official
We will be at the Schiller Park Forest Preserve
Irving Park Rd. & Cumberland Ave.
There are two spots I marked on the maps.
If Spot A doesn't work out we will head over to Spot B.
The day of the meet I will post an update on which spot we will meet at.
At this moment I have the time set for 12:00 pm
If the time doesn't work please let me know and we might be able to change it.

**The event time can still possibly change**

We might possibly have a cruise after the meet, but the specifics on that are not yet set.
If any of you have any suggestions please post a reply.

As far as weather conditions; we will know what we could be expecting once we get closer to the event date.

Please friend request me on Facebook as well
Facebook Event Page

Coordinates for Spot B are:
41.953054, -87.845512


· Przemek Gradzki
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Was a great turnout!
Here are some of the pictures
More can be seen Here

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