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TSX prices in Colorado?!?!

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TSX prices in CO?!?!
'kay, I said on earlier threads that I was going to buy a TSX this weekend.

I based my decision on all this talk in this forum about how most purchases of the non-navi TSX clocked in around $25,500 to 26,500 US before all other charges. I though, heck 26,000 would be a great price.

So I drive around three Acura dealerships in the greater Denver area, and each dealership is asking for 27,000 and won't budge. I told Mile High Acura that I heard of some people signing for the TSX at around 25,000 (I know, I was bluffing to see where it goes) and the lady says "we've never sold a TSX under 26,950". So I thought, 'kay I'll just ask around...

Courtesy Acura: demo black/non-navi with 5k miles = 26,500!!!
The guy I talked to on the phone was pretty cool, just said that they were hot items and that a new TSX is 27k. Now, I just said thanks and hung up. But as I ate my lunch, I'm thinking "5000 miles and it's only 500 under MSRP?" Sounded funny, and I want to drop by the dealership again this week. Oh, and they had 16 TSX's on the lot, and that's a hot car? Oh well...

Flatiron Acura: Budzzz, if you read this, you were right on one thing, the service was beyond great. The people were absolutely friendly and did everything to make me comfortable. But when asking about a CG/non-navi, they said that the price was 27,034 and said that's the best price that they could give me. They had about 12 on the lot. The finance guy was really cool, he called me today and said he's trying to find a lower financing bank to bring the price down... I just wanted to say "make it easy and just drop the price down to 25,500~26,300 and I'll pick it up today". Ugh... Oh, I think Budzzz said to talk to Jon Baron, I forgot to ask for him...

So, I'm thinking, especially for peeps in Colorado... What prices did you pay, who did you talk to at the dealership, and is everyone actually being honest about the deals they have receieved. After all these dealership experiences this weekend, I'm thinking that 25,500 is impossible in Colorado at least, and that other regions might be different than here in Colorado. Virus7 said he got his at Courtesy pretty early in production and he basically paid MSRP. Others care to share their info from CO dealers?

I don't know, 27k just seems like too much to pay for this car... I know it's great and all, but come on!!! With estimated invoice sitting at 24,300~24,900, the dealers seem to be sucking in the profits. I'm reasonable, I won't ask for invoice from a dealer, that's just plain rude... but what I'm asking for is a compromise of both parties on the price of the car. I want a decent deal and I also want the dealer to make a decent profit off their product. Plus, the interest rates were just rediculous!!! (quoted from 6.9 to 10%!!!)

My father rode in the TSX this weekend for the first time, and he's not thrilled with the car as much as I am, especially when they said they have to sell MSRP. In my father's words "27K for a 4 cylinder Honda seems a bit on the high side, especially when the car is a compact." He suggests opting to wait for better financing from Honda, getting an Accord EX four banger for 24K, leasing a G35/A4 (the lease on the TSX was rediculous as well), or just waiting a month or two and going back. I'm thinking about going back in a month or two, or just getting a Jetta Wagon or Mazda 6 wagon.

That's my long rant of this week.

Junkster, whose head is spinning from car shoppin'.
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If all the dealerships in your area are charging MSRP, there's really not much you could do except wait (if you can afford to wait that is).

Leave your name and contact info and see if they will budge when their end of month sales quotas fall just short, the dealerhold back cash starts to diminish, and their lots are getting filled to the capacity. You'll almost always hear back from the dealerships with better offers. It took me 4 months of email, phone calls, and visits to various dealerships before I found the right offer and put down a deposit. I'm sure there are others who waited even longer.

BTW, are you getting NAV?

Whatchamacallit, who noticed Pikes Peak Acura wasn't on your list ;)
We sure are hearing some totally different things on price, aren't we?
From what Junkster is saying, it sounds like TSX's are in as much demand as ever, at least where he is.
And, the other day we saw that offer from the dealer in NJ to sell TSX's for $2000 or more below MSRP!!

My impression is that in most places now you can get somewhat of a deal on a TSX without too much trouble, like a few hundred off MSRP, maybe up to a thousand off. And if you work hard you can do a little better.

But it looks like maybe in some places, it's a very strong market for sellers.

Just speaking theoretically, I'm surprised anybody can get a deal on a TSX anywhere. It was a pretty hot car from the start, when hardly anybody knew about the car. And with all the good reviews and the awards, maybe also with a little extra kicker from stuff like Pierre Kleinubing and the World Challenge (OK, forget about that, I guess basically nobody knows about it), I would have thought the TSX would be in greater and greater demand as time goes on. I know that the usual expectation with a new model is that prices will go down after a few months -- but I never particuarly expected that for the TSX, and I definitely didn't when the reviews and awards started coming out. I think ALL of those numbers are great prices for a TSX. But of course we'd like to pay less rather than more.

Anyway, Junkster -- as you said, it seems like prices are lower elsewhere. Why not look a little bit outside your area?
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