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I searched the web and couldn't find any write up on this, so here's a really brief one. Note that the TSX isn't rated to tow much (I think the max is 1000lbs), so I probably wouldn't try to trailer a boat around. But all I'm pulling is a motorcycle so it shouldn't cause any problems.

Standard disclaimer that I'm not responsible for you messing something up.

What I used:
Valley wiring kit for Honda 30090
7/32 drill bit
1/4" socket
10mm socket
Large flat head screw driver
Wire tester/trailer

First thing you have to do is pull the middle plastic trunk liner out of the way. It's held down by a couple snaps, so a couple good pulls up should free it. After that you'll need to move left side trunk liner out of the way. It's held on by 3 push-in plastic tabs on the outside, in addition to 2 or 3 tabs hidden under the liner. You have to pull pretty hard to remove it, but be careful as they're brittle (I broke one).

Then find all the connectors going into the left tail light. The Valley kit makes it easy. Plug the T connectors into the ones they fit into. In that wiring kit there's also one plug without a T, which I thought was odd. But it turns out there's a plug on the TSX not connected to anything that it plugs into for the right side signal. It's conveniently located on the left. It should all look something like this:

Easy part done. Now you need to ground the wiring kit. You need the 7/32" drill bit to make a hole. I made it on the left side, bottom of the trunk (sorry it's hard to see):

This is where the 1/4" socket comes in. You can try using a screw driver but I was just stripping the screw head since it's tough to turn it in. Tighten that screw down with the white wire underneath.

At this point you'll want to test the connector to see if it's all hooked up correctly/working before you starting putting everything back together. I just plugged it into my trailer.

Now to route the trailer connection. You'll need to remove your spare tire to get to the drain holes underneath (now is also a good time to check that tire's pressure). Mine were plugged, one on each side. Take a flat head screw driver and pry one out.

You'll notice the holes aren't big enough to let the connector get through. I used my dremel to cut out two notches on either side, and then one perpendicular to those notches.

I thought I'd have to pound this piece out with a chisel but it actually fell right off. It'd be a good idea to file the edges so they can't cut the cable. Once you've got that the right size, push the cable through.

Underneath here is a plastic cover. There are two 10mm bolts towards the back of it (front of the car). Remove those so you can access your cable.

I routed it towards the back of that cover. You need to or else the connector won't be long enough.

Try to give the cable a fair amount of slack. Once it's in a good position, you can put the plug back in. Then put the 10mm screws back in the plastic cover.

You're basically done. I routed the connector through my trailer hitch, then crossed the plastic cover through the hitch to keep it from falling down.

I secured the wiring box after all my routing. There isn't really a good place to put it, but the trunk liner holds it fairly securely if the adhesive isn't good enough. Put your spare tire back in, along with all the tools, put the trunk liner back in place, followed by the center plastic liner, and you're done.

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2005 TSX tow hitch wiring harness

Nice write-up. I used the Tow-Ready 118302 harness and it worked perfectly.

I don't know why Tow-Ready doesn't include 04-05 TSX as compatible with this harness.

I will store my harness in the wheel well as I don't intend to use it all that often.
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