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TSX Type S Fact or Finction?

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TSX Type S Fact or Fiction?

Eagerly Waiting said:
Get ready boys & girls. 250hp naturally aspirated 2.4 liter 4 banger with 18in wheels and a tight racecar-like suspension. It is a done deal according to a friend who works in Honda/Acura R&D. He has driven the prototype and he says the reason they did not introduce both cars at the same time was that they wanted to get a sales base on the lower model before they bring out something that most people would opt for given the choice of the two models. So much for Honda's cloak and dagger security. See you in December 03'.
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I really hope that is true, I don't want to get carbon grey balled?
Do they have the Type-S or equivalent in the JDM?
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