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I'm trying to decide between the TSX and the Accord EX V6. With the discounting on the Accord (I can probably get one at invoice), I'm not quite sure if the TSX is worth the price difference. I do like the TSX styling better than that of the Accord.

To help me decide, can people tell me what the difference is between the two cars? (i.e. wha'ts different about the Accord Euro vs. Accord US?). Also, which car would you go with if you include the price difference?


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TSX is basically a better car in every way out the box, except for the engine if you prefer V6. The Accord is generally faster by a bit. I test drove both because I have the exact same two cars in mind that you have, and I have to say I like the TSX a lot better. The only thing is the V6, so if you're really into racing and being fast, the Accord might be the winner (actually if this was the case, you probably wouldn't look at either car).

My main question if anyone knows is which car has a stiffer chassis. The TSX feels much stiffer, but is it? I'm planning on putting aftermarket suspension anyway, so I don't really care what they are rolling on stock, I just want to know which chassis is built stiffer (ie. torsional rigidity etc)
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