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Hi guys,

I went car shopping with my friend today. She looked at a silver TSX w/ Nav and black interior. She had two choices: a) pay $28,195 for a brand new TSX (to be built around 11/25), or b) pay $27,695 for a demo (the one we test drove) with 469 miles on the clock. They also threw in a set of all-weather floormats for free. She was gonna go with option (a), but we thought option (b) was a pretty good deal and that's what we got.

The salesman told us that there was no haggling on the price since the car's in limited supply. But since I referred this friend (another friend of mine bought a '01 TL two years ago), they're taking $800 off the car in option (a). Since the demo car's got some mileage on it, they agreed to go as low as $27,695 only.

So tell me, did we get a decent price? How much are TSX's going for in your area? I've skimmed through some posts and found that some people got them for less...Also, are there only 15K TSX's being produced this year? That's what the salesman told us.

We loved the TL more than the TSX. But I thought my friend would fit the TSX much better. They're both awesome cars.
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