I'm consigning this car through a dealer friend of mine however, I'm looking for a quicker sale.
Sport Wagon FWD with Technology Package
3 Owner car (I'm 3rd owner) Can provide all carfax/autocheck records.
More details here: Bahal Motors Cars For Sale - Concord, CA - CarGurus
Reason for selling: wife said so...I have 1 too many toys and 2 too many kids in college. Impulse buy at Auction, oops.
  • Dual-Core Bi-LED headlight projector replacement
  • Amber turn signal reflector delete
  • All LED bulbs in all the corners (turns, tails, fogs) (except interior, wifey said no, but will redo the interior LED bulbs for you if you purchase the car and want that)
  • Car runs beautifully. Very very smooth, good pick up, smooth braking, no jitter in the steering wheel, good ride, no clunking, tracks straight. For 178K you'd never know it.
  • All 4 wheels have curb rash of some sort, sucks but previous owner no doubt used the braille method for parking.
  • heated seats, all interior components work well, there is some minor wear and tear on door grab handles but you'll be hard pressed to see it in the photos
  • Has all-weather floor mats throughout and the original mats as well
  • 2 Keys
  • Everything electronically works: Navi, Bluetooth, Radio, Speakers, ODO/INFO/SPEEDO
  • Aircon blows cold AF
  • When first purchased, oil change and basic inspection was performed. Did not take the plugs out, did not do any other maintenance. Have only had it for about 45 days before the demand to sell came down from on high.
  • Attempted to maintain 35mpg on it, failed, but did get 500 miles on 2 tanks.
  • Cosmetically not perfect but has full clear bra on the front end and various other locations. It does have some scratches here and there, if you are local, I'll have a detailer go over it with you and we can split the cost on the full paint correction if you want it.
  • Car can be shipped anywhere in the country for a reasonable price if you are a) a dealer or b) out of state. However if you are within 1000 miles of our location and want the car, you should definitely make a good offer, fly out and drive it back, it will be cheaper than a transport.
I paid $11500 out the door with taxes, fees, etc. I bought it from a green light Manheim auction listing (for those that know) in NorCal, if a sale doesn't happen, we'll just run it through auction in 30 days. My loss, your gain.