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The weather is getting nice. Time to make ours cars shine!!!!

The first weekend of every month Classic BMW has meet called Cars & Coffee just a big hangout.
All kinds of cars from Old school Muscle cars to exotics and imports and I have even seen a
few trucks and bikes there too. There is anywhere from 200 to 400 cars & Trucks that comes out.
I think it would be great place we can bring a group of TSX's.

The coffee is free and they also have Monster drinks and lots of places to eat locally. The
Meet starts about 7:00am and stops around 2:00pm.
The Meet is in Plano,TX off North Dallas Tollway and Spring Creek.

I'll take pics tomorrow and post them up to show what goes on out there.

Come out it will be fun to meet other TSX people and look at other nice cars & trucks.

HERE IS A FEW PICS OF MY 04 TSX still have alot more things I want to do.

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great! let anyone else you know about this too.
Wait. Was it on 3/3/12??
I thought it was the first Sunday.
yeah it was today so the next one will be 4/7/12
I'm the only tsx'er I know of around here.

Ulikeubuy is from agg town.

Damn. C&C is Tom.
oh ok well if you talk to anyone else thats from around here on any fourm let them know about what were trying to do.
I was at C&C on 3/3. I think space was a little tight. It seemed like there was a lot more BMW inventory on the lot than usual. I saw many hot cars that ended up in spectator parking.

My suggestion would be to get out there early if you are meeting up. The caliber of cars are top notch. I don't see many Honda/Acuras except for an NSX that I've seen each time. I did notice one TSX over the weekend. I think it was gray with black wheels...was that anyone on here?
yea Classic BMW has the new 2012 cars on the lot and there was more inventory then normal. I got there late around 11:30 and most of the people had left but the TSX you saw was not me.

Like I said at the top of the page I think it would be a great spot to try to get other TSX onwers out to meet untill we all could think of a new spot. :)
So are we going to see you at the next C&C 4/7
I believe that's jdoss.

Last time I went I got there hella early.
Got amazing spots. We actually for there before the coffee lol
Was not me I have silver TSX with gray wheels and a polished lip.
So will we see you at the C&C meet 4/7
I'll try and make it out on 4/7 but it may only be for a little bit.
Great that all we need is a little bit thanks for the reply
In time u will be as nice if not better :)
Saturday is the day be at cars & coffee in plano 7:00 am
Like to meet some fellow TSX'ers
Spring Creek and North Dallas Tollway at Classic BMW
I got some BS to deal with. But I'll be done with it may 7th. So hopefully something cool comes up then.
Ok understand how that goes.
If you find something cool, Let me know I'll meet up with u.
Looks like MAY 5th will be the next C/C meet.
I'd like to have come and checked it out but we traveled Easter weekend. Did anyone go?
On one did, things came up for everone. a few guys did from ********* site. The frist Sat. of next month they will be haveing another meet.

also every weds off beltline and jupiter the is a meet there its starts @ 7:30pm last week there was about 100 cars there.

I'll be there next week if you want to come check it out.
1 - 12 of 21 Posts
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