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can you all give me some advice ive read numerous threads and just get confused.


currently i have the weaponR header with 60mm cat back.

i plan on installing the 06-08 intake cams with a 45degree VTC

my question is..

will it be beneficial to fit the RBC intake manifold with these mods

or keep the tsx's intake manifold?

which intake manifold would perform better?

then of course reflash.

i have the UKDM K24A3 motor.

if you could all shed some light on this for me please

thanks :)

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I dont know much about this, but in Import Tuner (June 2012 Issue) They install an RBC intake manifold onto their 2004 USDM TSX and a 45 degree VTC and Hondata FlashPro. After tuning, RBC intake manifold was a gain of 10.8 hp and loss of 2.6 lb-ft torque (after tuning and before the VTC). The VTC after tuning and after the RBC intake manifold was 2.6 hp gain and 9.6 lb-ft torque gainned.

I hope that helps somehow?
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