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sup guys ^^
i've been wondering.... has anyone actually tried the turbonator??? hehe... does it work well?? haha.. its awfully cheap... for a "turbo"... haha..juz wondering how it works.. cuz imma mite wanna try it out since.. its relatively inexpensive... and easy to install?? so hehe... any one wanna join me??? :thumbsup:
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hey i haven't heard of this thing before... what is it? jsut curious... and what is the cost on it and where can i find out about or just find it all together ahhahha...thx
haha... its ontop of every forums i see... haha.. its like turbo ur car for $69.99.. its on this site too... but didn't really hear much bout it... haha... so iono ^^ just checking
it sounds like one of those stupid like things were it's like just an intake for your car or somethings... so sort of breather or something hahahhaha
Even the name sounds gay~
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